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Taste of the South

UK's Most Acclaimed South Indian Restaurant



Choose from Vegan and Gluten Free options



Veg, Non-Veg, Gluten Free and Vegan Dosas



Most Authentic Indian Biryani you will eat in UK. With multiple Veg and Non-Veg options

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We Dreamt of...

We dreamt of bringing unexplored Indian flavors to your plate, we dreamt of spicing up your taste buds, we dreamt of bringing authentic Indian street food to you, we dreamt of masalas that can give an everlasting impression, we dreamt of Swagath and here we are! 

A visit to Swagath is like a quick trip to India, full of unique impressions and tasty experiences. The ambiance quotes authentic South Indian food, in the air hangs the smell of freshly cooked biryani and dosa. Fragrant curries are on the tables, in the background as in the streets of India, It's a bit noisy, there's a buzz of activity. 

Just so you know, we choose to make our dishes fresh as per order, instead of the easier and quicker method of cooking from pre-prepared sauces, giving you the most unique and everlasting flavors on your taste buds. Hence, please leave us a few extra minutes to serve you the best of Indian cuisine you probably ever had.

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Food is the ingredient that binds us together


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